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2016 Show Highlights
Special Thank You
to our Show Sponsor!
Thank You to all our
2016 Show Vendors & Supporters!
The following are businesses who have supported our show
in some capacity. We appreciate you and your support!

Anjon Manufacturing
Aqua Ultraviolet
Concrete Lady
Enchanted Water Gardens
Feeder's Supply Pet Store
Fish Corner
Fishey Business
Garden Gate Plant Center
Grand Koi
In My Front Yard
Kentucky Koi
Kloubec Koi Farm
Koi Acres
Mazuri Koi Foods
Multi Duty Pumps
Mizuho Koi Food
North Prairie Fish Farm
Plant Tabs
Reed Mariculture
River Garden Nursery
Sandy’s Pet Store
Sequence Pumps
Sho Koi Foods
Southwest Koi & Goldfish
Springridge Farm
Therm Products
TM Printing
Tomigai Koi Foods
Ultra Balance Food
Western Carolina Waterscapes
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Name to
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Special thanks to all of our loyal
club members that volunteered
many hours of hard work to make
the show successful!
Congratulations to
John Lentzis for winning 2016 Grand Champion for his 32" Sanke (left)
and to Nelson Castro for winning 2016 Grand Champion "B" for his 28" Gin Rin Kohaku (right)
3821 Hunsinger Lane
Louisville, KY 40220